A decisive stop in the history of the West

The area of Marathon has been inhabited since ancient times and it was named after the local hero, Maratho. The Marathon area, however, became world-famous since the battle between the Greeks and the Persians in 490 BC, which resulted in the victorious Greek lines. It was the deciding battle for the future of both Greece and Europe.

From the town of Marathon area begins today the authentic Marathon route. A renowned challenge, a race taking place on the real path where Phidippides conveyed the joyous message of the victory of the Athenians and Plataeans over the Persians.

Marathon also has the well-known Schinias beach with its Olympic-sized rowing track. The historicity of the municipality of Marathon is evidenced by the continuous finds of ancient Greek monuments. To acknowledge the magnitude of the findings, it is enough to say that in Marathon the following places of interest can be located; the Tomb of the Athenians, the Tomb of the Plataeans, the Archaeological Museum and the Marathon Run Museum. All the above-mentioned museums have authentic exhibits which will definitely amaze you.

Become part of the world's history, and feel, even today, the vibrations of the ancient Greek warriors fighting for world freedom.

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Best Season:All Year
Popular Location: The Archaeologocal Museum
The Run Musem
The Archaeological Site
The Tomb of the Athenians
Tomb of the Plataeans


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