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Temple of Apollo Epicurius - Mythical Greece

Temple of Apollo Epicurius

The Temple of Apollo Epicurius is the first listed monument as the Unesco’s World Heritage Archaeological Site in Greece. The Temple of Apollo Epicurius also called the Temple of Apollo the therapist, spreads out stoically in Phigalia on the border of Arcadia with Messinia and is located at Bassae.

It was built in 420-400 B.C., while it was designed by the same architect who built the Parthenon on the Acropolis of Athens, Iktinos. The Temple of Apollo Epicurius is built on a natural rock, in a specially designed plateau. It does not have the usual A-D orientation, but B-N, probably for worship purposes. The most important decorative element of the temple was the marble Ionic frieze, which existed over the Ionic semi-colonies in the nave. It had a total length of 31 m and consists of 23 marble slabs. The 12 marble slabs depict the battle between the Amazons while the other 11 the battle between the Centaurs. During the excavation of 1812, the marble slabs were found covered with architectural members and in 1815 they were moved to the British Museum where they are exposed today. The sculptor of the frieze might have been Peonios, who also sculpted the famous statue of Winged Victory in Ancient Olympia.

There is the view that the Temple of Apollo Epicurius rotates around itself 50.2 seconds of fate. The mysteries of the temple are many, from stellar phenomena to space-time.

According to Pausanias, the Temple of Apollo Epicurius is considered the second largest after the temple of Tegea in harmony and beauty. The only thing for sure is that the Temple of Apollo Epicurius will enchant you with its beauty not to mention that it is one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Archaeological Sites since 1986.

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