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Mythical places that you must experience once in a lifetime!

Mythical Greece
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Immerse yourself in Mythical Greek history, culture, traditions and nature via our tours

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Mythical Greece


Greece has mythical places that a traveler must experience once in a lifetime. Feed your wanderlust and take only memories.!

Greece is the birthplace of Democracy, Philosophy, Mythology, Medicine, Geometry, Science and Mathematics, the Olympics, the Library, Poetry, Theatre, Trial by Jury, Cartography, Historians, Zoology, The Alarm Clock, Alphabet, Architecture, Lighthouse, the Marathon and the Olympic Games.

About Us - MythicalGreece


Our main goal is to promote ancient Greek culture and ancient Greek history with the help of mythology and philosophy. We intend to journey every traveler not only “back in time” but also in the locations, where all the great battles and achievements of the Ancient Greeks took place. We thoroughly analyze the Greek tourism market in order to develop and continuously improve our tourism products thus increasing profitability for our associates and quality for our travelers.


Our vision is to always invest in customer satisfaction with efficiency, maintaining value for money to highlight and spread the ancient Greek spirit in the most meritorious to the ends of the earth. Our values focus on the quantity and quality of service to travelers, with the help of advanced technology coupled with the strong advantages of the tourism market, thus making our products purely competitive. We continually strive for excellence in the quality of our tour packages. Integrity and value are the decisive factors in everything we do and we are always determined to exceed the goals we set.

About Us - MythicalGreece
About Us - MythicalGreece


We use the most modern technological means to be able to meet the needs of travelers in the most automated way, directly, quickly, with ease, always ensuring the high quality of the services we offer. We are committed to the quality of our services without compromise. For the most part, we create B2B collaborations with tremendously competitive prices compared to the Greek tourism market, saving time, costs and resources for our partners. Simultaneously, we have the flexibility to create tour packages based on customers’ needs, as we have a growing database of suppliers with whom we collaborate throughout Greece.


Greece is one of the continuously growing tourist destinations by extending the tourist season not only during summer with the wonderful islands but also in the winter as it provides an excellent infrastructure for winter excursions in magical geographical landscapes. Combining mythology and ancient history, Greece is a destination that can give a traveler a variety of alternative landscapes and activities. Combining temperate and mild climate, sun, sea, mythical sights exhibiting the ancient Greek heritage, majestic landscapes with distinct destinations such as mountains, lakes and rivers, Greece offers an extensive amount of activities to satisfy every traveler’s needs.

About Us - MythicalGreece
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Feed your wanderlust and take only memories. Travel with excellence!

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Mythical Greece

Tours & travels in Mythical Greece and worldwide. Feed your wanderlust and take only memories. Mythical places that you must experience once in a lifetime. Travel with excellence!

Mythical Greece

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