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Mythical Greece
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The 'gold-rich' palatial center


Mycenae is a region inhabited since ancient times not to mention that Homer is the first who called it “gold-rich”. According to mythology, the founder of the Mycenae was Perseus.
Pausanias, the first Greek traveler, and geographer reports that Perseus named the new city of Mycenae either because his sword holster fell or because a source with plenty of water revealed, the Persian source, under the root of a mushroom.

The Cyclopean walls of the Mycenaean acropolis remained visible over the centuries and constitute the attraction of many travelers who did not hesitate to loot the space during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Mycenae has special monuments such as the Lion Gate, the two Royal courtyards, the Atreus treasure, the Clytemnestra’s grave, the Royal Palace, the Temple, the North Gate, and others. Of course, it is worth visiting the Archaeological Museum, a magnificent building full of unique exhibits.

In 1941, K. Pittakis cleansed the Lion Gate and in 1876 Henry Schliemann, after small test cuts in 1874, began his large excavation, revealing five graves, under the supervision of P. Stamatakis, who continued works between 1876-1877, revealing the sixth grave.

It is certain that Mycenae will amaze you.


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