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22 things you didn’t know about Greece - Mythical Greece

22 things you didn’t know about Greece

Greece is a fist of hidden delights revealing its luxury of simplicity. Set your sails, cause this is your journey to discover the uniqueness of Greece!

  1. Greece is the cradle of civilization and gave the world History.
  2. Greece is the birthplace of Democracy. The legacy of Ancient Greece has influenced world development and progress throughout history since and is still the foundation of today’s society and politics.
  3. Ancient Greeks were the first to establish theoretical thinking which is why the words theory and theorem derive from the Greek language.
  4. Most concepts of the modern world are based on the Greek language and meaning. From Technology to Biology to Politics to Theater to Mathematics to Music to Pharmaceuticals to Chemistry to Graphics to Theology, to Bible.
  5. Greek is the oldest written language in the world and has been spoken for over 3000 years while the roots of thousands of words in various languages of the world come from the Greek language like the cosmos, alphabet, academy, democracy, and much more.
  6. Athens is one of the oldest capitals in the world. Athens, Unesco's World Heritage Site - Mythical Greece
  7. Greece has the most archaeological museums out of every country in the world. Mycenae, Unesco's World Heritage Site - Mythical Greece
  8. Greeks wear fustanella to pay tribute to Greek fighters. Fustanella is the multifaceted white cotton men’s skirt with 400 folds, as many as the years of Turkish slavery. The white color that dominates the entire “EVZONE” uniform symbolizes the purity of the national games. Traditional soldier, Athens, Unesco's World Heritage Site - Mythical Greece
  9. The real name of the country is HELLAS or ELLADA and the Romans were the first to call it Grecia (meaning the land of Greek people).
  10. Greece has the second-largest maritime fleet in the world.
  11. Greece is one of the sunniest countries in the world with over 250 sunny days each year.
  12. Greece has over 2000 islands and only 170 of them are populated.
  13. In Greece, there are over 120.000.000 olive trees and some of them are from the 7th century and still producing olives. All meals are cooked with extra virgin olive oil in order to be considered healthy.
  14. The Greek food is always served with feta, a traditional cheese that has its roots in the era of Homer.
  15. Greeks are always passionate about everything and every way, they love life, whatever they do, they do it with “MERAKI“, with all their heart and soul.
  16. Greeks are tremendously hospitable, friendly, welcoming and generous people due to their tradition of Xenios Zeus, the god of hospitality or the god “PHILOXENIA“.
  17. Greece had the oldest currency in Europe (2560 years), called Drachma.
  18. Syrtaki is one of the most known dances around the world, also known as Zorba’s dance. Greeks dance with all their soul even upon tables, clapping and cheering “OPA!”.
  19. In Greece, the family is what it’s all about and they try to spend their time mostly eating all together as well as catching up on news and gossip.
  20. Greeks have their own mentality, especially when approaching difficulties with a sense of humor. While inside they are terrified, unsure of the future, to the world still they put on a brave face.
  21. The real Santa Clause was Greek and was called Saint Nicholas.
  22. Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and it is not a surprise because the Greeks invented tourism.

Let’s face it! It’s all Greek to everyone!

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