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Mythical Greece
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The oracle and the sanctuary of Apollo

Ancient Delphi

The sacred city of Ancient Delphi is historically and mythologically inseparably connected to the history and the future of Greece. Ancient Delphi, one of the Unesco’s World Heritage Archaeological Site, constitutes a point of reference as well as a turning point for the Greek ideal.
According to mythology, the two eagles sent by Zeus from the ends of the universe to find the center of the world met in Ancient Delphi, thus it was considered the “navel of the Earth“. For many centuries the oracle of Ancient Delphi was the spiritual and religious center not to mention the symbol of unity of ancient Hellenism.

Initially, in Ancient Delphi, there was a sanctuary devoted to the female deity of the Earth and based on the tradition its guard was the dragon of Python, whom god Apollo killed. With the development of the sacred oracle, the worship of god Apollo prevailed and taught moderation and wisdom to men. By the first temples that were built, one has dedicated to the god Apollo and the other to the goddess Athena. It must be noted that in Ancient Delphi other gods were also worshiped such as Dionysus, Neptune, Hermes, Artemis and more.

Apart from the enormous archaeological significance of Ancient Delphi, the surrounding area is also idyllic and rich in natural beauty. You can visit the cosmopolitan Arachova, also called the “winter Mykonos”, with the graphical paths and the traditional mansions as well as the ski center Parnassos and enjoy the breathtaking view.

Visiting Ancient Delphi and Arachova is incontrovertible.


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