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Mythical Greece
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The silence of the peaks


Meteora is the most breathtaking landscape in the world. It is the most unique rock formation, where monks built complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries from the 11th century onwards, in the almost inaccessible peaks. These immense natural pillars also called the ‘columns of the sky’, lift up your mind and soul in peace and joy. Six of the monasteries are among the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.
It is worth to visit the area of ​​Grand Meteora, not only for the outstanding view that distinguishes but also to experience climbing and mountain bike activities as well as hiking through footpaths to places where the car is not easy to access.
A few kilometers away from the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, Grand Meteora, you can visit Kalambaka, Kastraki area, Sarakina bridge and much more that nature and humanity provide.


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