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Mythical Greece
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The medieval fortress city


During the time that Yiannis Ritsos wrote about the stone ship, his motherland, he could not mean anything beyond the beloved Monemvasia. The city’s name is a composition, derived from the two words Moni and Ephesus.

Monemvasia was founded by the Ancient Spartans in the 6th century BC and it was called Akra Minoa, as Pausanias describes in his scripts. Its paved streets are narrow and suitable only for pedestrians. Monemvasia is also called the “Gibraltar of the East” because it’s identical to the rock of Gibraltar in diminution.

Monemvasia is a beautiful fortress town that awaits your visit as well as to reveal its medieval secrets. Monemvasia’s churches and mansions will fascinate you. The traditional Greek cuisine and the local wine will enchant you in the magical place that is surrounded by the fortress of warriors, in Monemvasia.


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Medieval castle, Portelo, Byzantines Central Avenue, Venetians Market, Ottomans Bazaar

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Greek & English

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Not Needed for EU Citizens

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