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Pythagoras cup - Mythical Greece

Pythagoras Cup

Pythagoras of Samos is considered one of the most enlightened minds of antiquity by leaving an invaluable legacy to the world.

Pythagoras was a famous mathematician, geometrical, philosopher and mystic and with his theories contributed tremendously to the ancient as well as the today’s world. Who doesn’t know the Pythagorean theorem?

Pythagoras also invented the Pythagoras Cup or Greedy Cup in order to indicate the virtue of moderation “μέτρον άριστον”. It was a genius and entertaining vessel designed to hold an optimal amount of wine, forcing people to imbibe only in moderation. If the user was too greedy and poured wine over the limit, the cup would spill its entire content.

ScienceHook analyzes in-depth the concept behind the Pythagoras Cup as follows in the video below.

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