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The neolithic commercial hub

Ancient Corinth

Ancient Corinth, one of the most important ancient city-states of Greece, lively and diverse, is a getaway destination easy to access only one hour away from Athens.

Ancient Corinth inhabited since the Neolithic times and grew up at the base of the citadel of the Acrocorinthus. Ancient Corinth constituted one of the richest cities of the ancient world as well as an important commercial hub with intense commercial activity, mainly towards the western Mediterranean, until the rise of Athens. It must be noted that the citadel of the Acrocorinthus gave Ancient Corinth great strategic and commercial importance in antiquity.

The most famous testimony of the splendor of Ancient Corinth’s monuments is the Archaic Temple of Apollo, consisting of monolithic Doric columns of which seven remain standing. Furthermore, inside the archaeological site, important sights with exceptional architecture stand ready to be marveled such as the Asklepieion, the Lerna Fountain, the Peirene Fountain with its six openings, the Roman Odeion (Odeum), the Glauke Fountain, the Theater with a capacity of 18.000, the Bema of Saint Paul, the Ancient Corinth Market and the remains of the Gymnasium as well as shops, public baths, pottery factories and other buildings. Last but not least, the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth exhibits findings from prehistoric times till the Roman era from the wider area of Ancient Corinth.


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Archaic Temple of Apollo, Asklepieion, Lerna Fountain, Peirene Fountain, Roman Odeion (Odeum), Glauke Fountain, Theater Bema of Saint Paul, Ancient Corinth Market, Gymnasium, Archaeological Museum

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